Ms Ada Fung

Deputy Director of Housing (Development & Construction)
Hong Kong Housing Authority

Ms Ada Fung is the Deputy Director of Housing. She supervises the Development & Construction Division of the Housing Department, overseeing all facets of work covering project management, planning, design and contract management, as well as establishing operational policies on procurement, design, construction, quality, performance assessment, dispute resolution, research and development, construction information technology, safety and the environment for public housing development in Hong Kong.

She is an active member in the architectural field as well as in the construction industry in Hong Kong. She is Chairperson of Hong Kong Construction Industry Council (CIC) Committee on Construction Safety, Chairperson of CIC’s Working Group on Roadmap for BIM Implementation, one of the directors of the Hong Kong Green Building Council, Past Chairperson of the APEC Architect Monitoring Committee of Hong Kong, past Chairperson of the Architects Registration Board, Past President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

Title: Building Liveable Homes

Hong Kong is a compact high-density city and housing stands out as one of the most challenging social issue. Established in 1973, Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) has been providing affordable public housing in meeting the social need. Today, about 31% of the Hong Kong’s seven million population are living in public rental flats and another 16% of the families have their own flats under the subsidized Home Ownership Scheme.

HA cares for people, as well as the environment, and makes the best and sustainable use of tight resources on all fronts. Facing the challenge of limited developable land, we strive to step up our concerted efforts by planning with vision, designing and managing with heart for a more liveable and sustainable environment which is user-friendly, safe and healthy for people of all ages and abilities, making rational use of public resources.

In this talk, Ms Ada Fung will discuss HA’s key strategies from planning, design to construction, and some innovative features and initiatives which we adopt in the project process for delivery of ‘quality and liveable home’ for nearly half of the population in Hong Kong.