Mrs Dao Harrison

Senior Housing Specialist
The World Bank, Singapore

Dao Harrison is the Senior Housing Specialist for the World Bank serving markets in the Asia Pacific region from the Singapore Urban Hub.  Her work focuses on deepening and strengthening housing markets, policies and programs, particularly in developing market economies. Specifically, she has been engaged with programs related to the improvement of housing and real estate market functions, the design and implementation of housing and housing finance-linked subsidy programs, the expansion of housing finance access to low and informal income sectors, and the development of housing indicators and knowledge center.

Prior to the World Bank, Mrs. Harrison was the International Risk Director for Genworth Financial where she worked to develop and extend mortgage guarantee / insurance products and platforms in new markets.  Her housing related work has led her to work with governments and/or institutions in Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand, S. Korea, Japan, Mexico, Fiji, and Saudi Arabia.  She has a Master in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, with executive education training at Stanford University.

Title: The Global Experience in Affordable Housing Provision: Have We Learned Nothing and Forgotten Nothing?

There is a crisis in affordable housing in recent years driven by the rapid urbanization rate that is made worse by the rise in land and home prices in urban cities. The demand from countries for housing policy reforms to meet affordable housing needs has intensified. And yet, many government housing policy interventions have not yielded the desired outcomes to the detriment of those in most acute need for housing assistance.

To address these issues, key operational instruments for housing policy development will be discussed in this presentation. In addition, practical learnings will be drawn across several countries and from several policy dimensions, of which some examples are listed below.

  • Role of cross-subsidization in achieving affordable housing provisioning
  • Importance of locations and neighbourhoods in housing planning
  • Dependence of housing finance subsidy on an efficient and functional private lending sector